Our Products - C2 52mm, C1 32mm

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Our Products

All Corbro products have been engineered and developed for their specific application.

Corbro Floor

Our product has been developed to simulate the same comfort level  of 600mm of clean fresh straw 24 hrs a day. This level of comfort will greatly reduce common ailments associated from standing or lying on firm surfaces. Corbro flooring is used in stable and livestock flooring, veterinary recovery rooms and  veterinary crushes and foaling boxes. Our flooring has been in use for 20 years  both nationally and internationally with strong recommendations from leading stables and studs across the world.

Corbro is strongly recommended for biosecurity due to the bacterial retarding aspect of this product. The need for natural bedding is also greatly reduced and sometimes even eliminated altogether, thus reducing bedding waste and dust / airborne diseases.

Corbro Wall

Corbro wall products have been developed  to protect horses from striking and kicking injuries. Our wall product is formulated to dissipate the energy from the kick  within the compsite of the product. Our best test to demonstrate this effect is kick a wall with conventional wall product then kick a Corbro wall, you will see what we mean.

Corbro transport floor

Our transport floor gives you the comfort and benefits of Corbro floor as well as additional vibration eliminating qualities.  Corbro transport floors are amongst the most advanced flooring material used for the transportation of animals in the world.