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Installation Info

The installation of Corbro is an important process as it plays a major role in the success of the product for your float, truck, stable or veterinary application.

Corbro sheets can be bonded to a flat solid surface using an approperate adhesive for EVA foam and the applicable bonding surface, wet flexiable contact adhesive works best. Corbro can also be installed with a compression fit by trimming the overall sheets 5 to 10 mm oversize without bonding. No green corbro foam should be exposed to any part of the animal.

To increase the life span of your Corbro sheets periodically inspect sheet for minor cuts or damage and repair with approperate adhesive for EVA and Rubber


Corbro is full of air cells that can expand and contract . Before cutting corbro product make sure they have not been exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight for a minimum period of 12 hrs . If corbro sheets are moved around during installation, keep a record of sheet sizes and re measure sheets to check no expansion has occurred before cutting.

Air Bubbles : During the first 3 months (The settling in period) the compression for Corbro sheets into fixures may result in the re distribution of air cells causing minor air bubbles to appear on the black rubber skin. Simply pierce to bubble to release any trapping gas ,Corbro will automatically reattach the rubber skin to the green foam base. (This process does not effect the Product).